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There's no doubt the Niro's design brings a refreshing change to Kia's crossover line up. Compared to everything else in the segment the Niro stands out well. Minimized body and underbody drag along with smoother air flow ensure the design remains functional, especially with its Hybrid power plant. Available HID or LED headlights further complement its exterior and keep it up with the times.

The wide stance. The sleek, dark trim. And, face to face, available High-Intensity Discharge (HID) projector beam headlights and LED positioning lamps for crisp illumination. From the stylish wheels to the rear spoiler, the Niro mates upscale style with athletic appeal, pushing the limits of what a hybrid can be.
The Niro is smart aerodynamic design—from front to back, from top all the way to bottom. Meticulously sculpted to minimize drag, the Niro’s shape helps improve fuel efficiency.

Clean lines give the Niro its impressive drag coefficient of .29 Cd. For minimized drag that helps maximize performance.

The undercarriage is designed to let air flow under the hybrid smoothly and efficiently.

Strategically-placed side vents allow air to pass through the front bumper and over the wheel wells. For cleaner, smoother air flow around the car.

The drag-reducing front end lets air pass freely, enhancing the Niro’s fuel economy and contributing to a smoother, quieter ride.


Anyone looking for a practical crossover should find that the Niro checks off all their boxes. Kia designed the Niro to suit a wide range of owners regardless of what they need, whether that's space, range or even styling. The Niro has it. But that's not to say the Niro is for everyone.

  • More Interior Volume than Prius
  • 6-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission vs. CVT
  • More Combined Hybrid System Power (139 vs. 121hp) than Prius

The Niro is the no-compromise vehicle. Thoughtfully designed to combine the benefits of the crossover and hybrid worlds. Like the forward-looking engineering and optimized fuel economy of a hybrid. And the versatile design and practicality of a crossover. It’s the high-style, high-MPG adventure vehicle made for the no-compromise driver.

Unlike hybrids with continuous variable transmissions (CVT), the Niro comes with a highly responsive, smooth-shifting dual-clutch automatic transmission (DCT) that gives the Niro a fun-to-drive feel missing from the competition. Plus, it offers ample interior space you wouldn’t expect from a hybrid.

Thanks to its hybrid-optimizing powertrain, the Niro achieves superior fuel economy and range for its segment. And its refined exterior styling, with sculpted lines and an aerodynamic shape, sets the Niro apart from the rest.


If you have been shopping around from car maker to car maker, you will know the Niro stays just as well connected as any new vehicle out right now. This is thanks to Kia's UVO Infotainment system, which has been getting positive reviews. With Niro's showing up at dealers, you can confirm this for yourself in-person. This should go a long way in complementing your overall Niro experience.

You know you’re in no ordinary crossover when you wirelessly charge your smartphone while it plays your favorite song, on a Harman/Kardon® Premium Sound System. And those are just a few of the high-tech innovations to keep you charged and connected.
With UVO, Kia’s free infotainment system, you can send and receive texts, access your favorite apps, and connect to your smartphone via Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™—all through the Niro’s built-in 7” or 8” color touchscreen display. Plus, voice-activated technology gives you ultimate convenience with both hands on the wheel. Learn more at

Apple Car Play
Use your iPhone® right through the Niro’s built-in touchscreen display. Apple CarPlay™ lets you send texts, make calls, pull up saved locations, and much more.

Andriod Auto
Android™ users can enjoy in-car connection to their compatible smartphone. From phone calls to texts to favorite music, it’s all accessible through the Niro’s display.

UVO gives you access to numerous apps right through your vehicle’s digital display.

My Car Zone
The smarter way to keep track of your Niro. My Car Zone™ lets you set speed limits, curfews, and boundaries of where it can go.
Every adventure should have its own rich soundscape. That’s why the Harman/Kardon® Premium Sound System delivers crisp, custom-tuned audio. And it features Clari-Fi™ technology that intelligently restores compressed tracks for dramatically clear music as it’s meant to be heard.
Recharge your smartphone with the ingenuous power of wireless charging. And with multiple ways to power your devices throughout the cabin, the Niro provides convenient charging no matter where you sit.

To juice up your compatible smartphone, simply place it on the center-console pad—it’s that easy.

Power your electronic devices with two center outlets, one available 110v inverter, and an available rear USB port.

Driver-Assistive Technologies

Semi-autonomous technology has been flooding the auto industry over the past few years. Keeping up with the times, Kia has included a suite of driver-assistive technologies like Autonomous Emergency Braking, Smart Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning System, Lane Departure Warning System, Available Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Blind-Spot Detection.

Drive confidently with Kia Drive Wise, Kia's very own suite of available driver-assistive technologies. Explore the available systems Niro offers, like Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) which automatically applies the brakes if it anticipates a frontal collision.
Meet the system that does more than set your pace. Smart Cruise Control (SCC) adapts to your driving environment by automatically applying the brakes, or accelerator, to help maintain a predetermined distance from the vehicle in front of you.
It’s advanced tech that anticipates and responds automatically. The available Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) gives audible and visual alerts when it detects a potential hazard in your path.
The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) helps you stay the course by monitoring the position of your Niro and alerting you if you drift from your lane without signaling.
Whether you’re starting your commute or in the middle of a road trip, Niro’s got your back on every mile. Available Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) and Blind-Spot Detection (BSD) offer a second set of eyes for rear viewing. So that you can focus on the road ahead.

Rear Traffic
While your Niro’s in reverse, Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) helps warn you of cross traffic with both audible and visual signals.

Blind Spot
Blind-Spot Detection (BSD) sends visual and auditory alerts to help warn you of objects in your blind spot.
This advanced drive-assist technology helps you stay informed while you park. Using sonar sensors integrated in the Niro’s bumpers, the available front and rear parking assist gives an audible warning when you near other vehicles or objects.

Hybrid System

From what you will find in most reviews is the fact Kia's Hybrid system is nothing short of impressive regardless of where you are along the power-band and how you use it. Anyone comfortable with traditional powertrains that are skeptical about hybrids will find the Niro Hybrid to be a great introduction.

Cross over to a new kind of hybrid. From the fuel-stretching Parallel Hybrid System and regenerative braking system, to the impressively efficient and fun-to-drive dual-clutch automatic transmission with Sport Mode, the 2017 Niro is the perfect pairing of optimized fuel economy and dynamic driving performance. And with a 10-year/100,00-mile warranty that covers the hybrid system, including the electric traction motor, you can drive the open road with confidence.
At the core of Niro’s innovative powertrain is Kia’s Full Parallel Hybrid System. It combines the pure power of our hybrid-optimized engine with a highly efficient, lightweight electric motor and a powerful lithium-ion polymer battery. The result is a smooth, reliable performance that delivers outstanding hybrid efficiency.

Electric Drive
Paired with the energy-dense 1.56 kWh lithium-ion battery, the lightweight electric motor provides dynamic efficiency for a spirited drive.

Gas Engine
The Niro’s new 1.6L, gasoline-direct injection (GDI) engine offers both high efficiency and a sporty feel.
Meet the automatic transmission that raises the bar for how a hybrid should perform. Where many hybrids use a continuously variable transmission (CVT), the Niro features a highly responsive, 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (DCT) that shifts gears smoothly and quickly. The result is a crisp, exhilarating drive.
Any time you slow down, the regenerative braking system charges Niro up. During deceleration, the electric traction motor captures the kinetic energy to recharge the battery. It’s one of the many energy-smart technologies that help maximize fuel economy.


What use to be the type of features you expect in a luxury brand like Lexus, Acura, BMW, Mercedes and some of the other greats out there, the Niro gives you a taste of that luxury, after all it was based around maximum comfort. Steering wheel and seats are heated with the ability to fine tune how you want to be seated and save it with memory seat. Under-floor storage tray, secured cargo space and 60/40 rear seats ensure practicality.

It’s a destination all on its own. Loaded with available amenities like soft leather seating and a heated steering wheel, the Niro is designed for maximum comfort. Plus, it boasts more interior volume than the Toyota Prius and more headroom than the Honda HR-V. That means more room for you to enjoy the ride.
More than a cabin, it’s your space to relax. Featuring a power driver’s seat with lumbar support that adjusts up to 10 ways. And an available power sunroof that offers fresh air and sunlight at the push of a button. The Niro is a welcoming getaway tailored to you.

Available heated and ventilated front seats deliver personalized comfort no matter the weather.

Steering Wheel
The heated steering wheel offers comfortable driving on colder days.

Memory Seat
Dial in to your ideal seat position and lumbar support level with the available 10-Way Power Driver’s Seat. And the Integrated Memory Seat (IMS) system conveniently remembers mirror and seat settings for up to two drivers.
Flexible, functional, and fitting for your lifestyle. Along with a spacious cargo area, the Niro comes with available concealed storage and seats that fold down to give you more room for larger items. It’s on-the-go versatility for everyday driving.

Keep your equipment organized with the available hidden under-floor storage tray.

Generous cargo space features a pullover cover so that your belongings stay out of sight.

Rear Seats
The 60/40 split-folding rear seat gives you ample room to bring all your gear—even the extra-long items.


If the driver-assistive technologies we covered above we're impressive enough when it comes to your safety, then its structure should. Iso-Structure™ is at the forefront and overall make up of its structural safety with 50% advanced high-strength steel, specially engineered front and rear crumple zones and doors reinforced with steel beams.

Like every Kia, the 2017 Niro is engineered with your safety in mind. Starting with its Iso-Structure™ construction that’s composed of over 50% advanced high-strength steel for excellent rigidity. We’ve even patented manufacturing techniques to further enhance body integrity, so you can have peace of mind the moment you step inside.
It’s intelligent engineering that helps protect you. With an advanced airbags system, including a driver’s knee airbag plus high-tech sensors to help manage airbag inflation. Specially engineered front and rear crumple zones help preserve structural integrity for improved protection. And all doors are reinforced with steel beams to help absorb impact energy and deflect side-impact force.
Every Niro comes with active safety technologies that function automatically to help keep you on track. Systems like the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), which helps reduce skidding, and Vehicle Stability Management (VSM), which offers increased steering control in harsh road conditions.

Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) helps provide more consistent braking as weight load and distribution change. The Antilock Braking System (ABS) helps reduce skidding, and the Brake Assist System (BAS) senses emergency braking situations and applies additional braking pressure as needed.

Stay on course and in control. The Traction Control System (TCS) helps avoid wheel spin when you accelerate, while Electronic Stability Control (ESC) helps improve stability. Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) offers increased steering control when driving in harsh road conditions, and Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC) helps keep your vehicle in place as you move off an incline.

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Lot of promising information --- wonder when the problems people are seeing begin to show more?
Decided to keep my 2 year old RAV4 instead of buying the Niro. The problems are scaring me. Too bad really because I have fallen in love with the Niros looks and layout. Maybe in another year I will consider it when all the bugs are hopefully straightened out. I also wish it had a conventional engine too because I would probably be ready to purchase. But I know Kia will not do that with this car.

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Decided to keep my 2 year old RAV4 instead of buying the Niro. The problems are scaring me. Too bad really because I have fallen in love with the Niros looks and layout. Maybe in another year I will consider it when all the bugs are hopefully straightened out. I also wish it had a conventional engine too because I would probably be ready to purchase. But I know Kia will not do that with this car.
problems? I have absolutely no problems and love my car. Remember, people who post tend to only be those with problems; a small percentage of the total owners. I've seen VERY few complaints either here or the Kia Forums site. I considered the RAV4 and and am quite happy with my choice.

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No problems with mine after 6 months...........super satisfied and way over EPA anticipated mileage.

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problems? I have absolutely no problems and love my car. Remember, people who post tend to only be those with problems; a small percentage of the total owners. I've seen VERY few complaints either here or the Kia Forums site. I considered the RAV4 and and am quite happy with my choice.
Good to see you are trouble free. Someday I may have a Niro too. :)
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