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Hello everyone,

As a new member of this forum, i am waiting for my new Niro 2018 hybrid Ocean Blue EX trim that will be delivered on may 8 from Albi Kia near Montreal. I will post some pics next week.!

First, i wanted to get a PHEV 2019 model, but since there is no word that the model will available in 2018, and since my Kia Rio5 who is going on it's fifth year in July, will loose too much with the trade (expired warranty), i have no choice to get an hybrid model now, and to wait another 3-4 years to get a PHEV.

I feel that Kia Canada has failled by going to quick for the lunch of the 2019 PHEV model in Toronto last February. When asked (to Kia Canada) why the US has already opened the orders for the PHEV model in 2017, here in Canada, it is zero silence for this subject.! too bad.!

hope to chat with you guys.!

Thanks, Eric...

The Canadian Guy !


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