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Hi all, well I told myself I would never turn into Clark Griswald and put roof bars on the station wagon, but sometimes I buy stuff bigger than I can fit into the car! To that end I decided to get a set of bars. They tried like crazy to get me to buy the $300 set at the dealership, plus install, but NO! So I heard about on our little forum, checked out the site and ended up purchasing these...
I placed the order on 4/24, 13 days ago. Nice website, lots of stuff, easy to order. Even from Dublin Ireland.
They arrived on 5/5, in excellent condition, and today, Monday the 7th I spent about 20 minutes assembling and mounting them on the car. Again EASY! They are hanging past the mounts by just about 4". I will trim the length when I figure out what an optimal length really is! I plan to store them in the rear area when in use.

Overall, I like these, of course I will have to mill a bit of plywood for a deck, but that's simple.
I think they are a good buy, just use within reason and limits, and drive like you have a load above your head!


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so how are they after about 5 months of use?
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