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So, for those of us who are analytically oriented (otherwise known as geeks or nerds,) here is the data on the trip to Minnesota this summer for the Kia Niro. For the trip from Oregon to Osage, MN (northwestern MN,) total trip was about 1,765 miles (really was 1,600 but we added a trip to Brainerd to the initial trip before refueling,) we purchased 39.53 gallons of gas resulting in an average MPG of 44.65. We averaged about 71 MPH on this leg. No trailer in tow, only personal stuff and, given that we had a whole bunch of personal stuff plus stuff for grandkids/kids/etc., wasn’t too bad.
The second segment of our trip was virtually all intra-Minnesota stuff. You know, Osage-to-Brainerd-to-Aitken-to-St. Cloud-to-MSP airport-to-St. Cloud-to-Osage-to-Brainerd-to-Aitken-to-Brainerd-to-Osage-to-St. Cloud-to-Brainerd-to-Osage. Approximately 1,525 miles intra-Minnesota (but who’s counting.) We burned about 30.35 gallons of fuel for an average of about 50.25 MPG. Speeds were in the 55-65 MPH range. Seems like we should stay intra state – my preference would be intra-Arizona by the way.
And then there was the trip from Osage, MN to Happy Valley, OR!!! We added a trailer (approximate weight of 300+ lbs) plus about 400+ lbs of wood loaded on the trailer. Odd thing happened, we started out with a fairly low MPH of 61, got around 36 MPG. Increased MPH to 66 and increased MPG!!! Counter intuitive isn’t it?!?!?! So, for this leg of about 1,600 miles we averaged nearly 39 MPG.
So, if you think I’m complaining, I’m not. I love the Niro!!!!! Just look at the fact that we are using less than 50% of the fuel we would have used with any of our other vehicles. The Niro performed flawlessly!!! Never a problem nor an issue. Might buy several more and put them in storage so we’ll be covered in the future.
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