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My name is John, I just bought a 2019 Kia Niro Plug In. Very impressed so far with this vehicle. I got 58 mpg driving it home from the Dealer. The Dealer is about 65 miles from us and the trip was all on the expressway.
The vehicle was completely discharged so I began charging it when I got home. I was wondering how this 1st charge would go. It is going great - plugged the cord in that came with the car connected it to the car and things went fine- it began charging- it is now at 85% after 6 hours and shows 60 more minutes to full charge. Very impressed so far with the driving experience.
We got the EX version and am learning about the safety features slowly from the supplied manuals. These modern cars certainly have a learning curve.
I hope to discover and learn from others who have posted already. I am coming from a 2008 Prius that we had bought new 11 years ago. The difference in safety features and ride comfort is night and day with this modern car. I hoped the Niro could match my 08 Prius 50 mpg and it appears it will not only match it but possibly exceed it.
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