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Hi Everyone,
Just bought my Niro yesterday, now just waiting 2 weeks for it to come in. I bought an EX Premium in Ocean Blue. By the time it arrives, I should be far enough into March that I won't need to worry about winter tires.
I traded in a 2015 Sonata Hybrid for the Niro. I'm looking forward to the cross-over feel.

I've been browsing these boards for a week and I've noticed there seems to be a big difference between the US models and Canadian models. You have different trim packages and it looks like some trims have more things included than what we get in Canada. What gives? Is it just me, or do the trims in the US have more features?
I also noticed there is no Ocean Blue listed on the US Kia website, but I've asked about that on another thread.

Anyway, I'm excited to try Kia for the first time, and I look forward to driving this new car. I currently get around 6.5l/100km (36 mpg) with my Sonata Hybrid, and I believe I'll get better fuel mileage with my Niro.
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