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I though I should introduce myself..

I’m a driving instructor living in Yeovil, Somerset, U.K. and I specialise in teaching the physically disabled and/or learning difficulties, I took delivery of my Kia eNiro 5th March and sent it off to have the adaptations fitted to it for my disabled pupils, only for lockdown to occur whilst it was being fitted with all the kit I have to teach my disabled clients.

So I took the time I had on my hands to start a YouTube channel about my eNiro and although it’s only been going 4 months and has 8 videos on it so far I have got 122 subscribers, nearly 700 hours of viewing, which I believe is very good for such a young channel in a niche market, but I give you a link to my channel as I think some of you might be interested in some of the videos..

Can I be really cheeky and ask you click the thumbs up icons, comment as I always try to reply to comments, share and of course very importantly subscribe.

I would of course be only to pleased to pass on my experience in helping the disabled to return to / or continue driving if any of you know of someone I might be able to help.

Sorry that I’ve seem to have posted in the wrong area, but can not work out how to get in the new members intros, admin please place this in the correct bit of your forum.
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