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Hello all. Just picked up our 2018 Kia Niro Touring yesterday. :) Lots to learn about this well designed and equipped vehicle. Just wish it didn't have a black interior but in their shortsighted view, that is all Kia Canada is importing here even though Kia manufactures alternatives. At least the seats are cooled so I'll have to live with the black.

I had been patiently awaiting the arrival of the PHEV version here in Ontario but alas, that vehicle is now not going to be available in this province, as promised for the Fall of 2018, due to the recent election of a moronic conservative provincial premier who has scrapped our Cap & Trade emissions reduction program and cancelled ALL rebates for electrified vehicles. These idiots would rather pay out billions in increasing levels of disaster relief than take any steps to try and help reduce climate change. Kia Canada does not believe that vehicle will sell here without the rebate program for plug-in vehicles and I agree it is very difficult to make the economic case for stepping up to the PHEV's additional cost. Unfortunately, our new premier would make a great sidekick for Donald Trump!

At any rate, the standard Niro delivers pretty remarkable fuel economy and I don't have to concern myself finding charging stations, which usually have an ICE vehicle illegally parked in the charging stalls anyway.
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