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Hello all. New owner from London, Ontario, Canada.

Although I've done a lot of research on Hybrids, PHEV's and full Electric Vehicles, I'm sure there is lot's more to learn specifically about the Kia Niro from Forums like this. Hopefully, I might also be able to make informative contributions to various topics which arise. We had been awaiting the PHEV Niro which was supposed to arrive this fall. However, due to the recent election of a "Climate Change Denier" premier in our province, all incentives for such vehicles have been scrapped. Therefore, Kia Canada has decided to not offer the PHEV Niro here at all.

So far, over about 250 miles, my wife and I have been able to easily exceed the fuel economy ratings for the hybrid Niro so that is pleasing, although I'm well aware that vehicle's onboard fuel economy indicators are ALWAYS optimistic. I'll be monitoring true mileage in a spreadsheet over the life of the vehicle so we'll see how it actually fares in reality.

Our primary reason for purchasing the Niro is to use for transporting mobility challenged seniors and their walkers, in lieu of our much larger and more fuel thirsty minivan, particularly in the city. The Niro's ease of entry and exit is similar to that of a PT Cruiser which we owned about 15 years ago, which is to say, exemplary.

We decided to take a 4 year lease to give time to see what shakes out in the electric vehicle field in the next few years. Things are now moving very quickly on the development front. We do however really appreciate that Kia allows one to purchase a relatively small vehicle without having to sacrifice desirable amenities and safety technologies which would normally cost a great deal more money to achieve the same functionality in other brands. We've loved the "Cooled Seats" on these hot days. Couldn't even get such an option, nor heated rear seats, nor heated steering wheel on a $70,000 Audi I looked at last year. And that's SUPPOSED to be a Luxury Car?????
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