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Hi All!
Just bought a 2020 Niro EV Demo with 8900 miles.
Thrilled we no longer have to buy gasoline!!

Would like to get some advice,
on which Home charging unit,
will give us the most bang for the buck?

there are so many to choose from
my brain feels like Jell-O from all the research.

Anyone have a clue?
which one has the best miles per hour of charging?
or which one is the best one all around?
I appreciate any advice you more experienced EV owners can give me.

I’ve had this capital NIRO EV for less than a day.
Have a Great Day!

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I have a '22 Niro EV EX. Like it a lot. You can read my comments about it elsewhere on this site

So, regarding the charger, I can only speak from experience. I'm pleased with the Emporia Level 2 charger that I have. It's now about $450.00 on Amazon in the UL version, which I recommend. I encourage you to read the reviews and decide from there. I do have a couple of small gripes about the app, but the price is right, and it does what it's supposed to do. The UL version has a longer cord on the house-plug side; the much-too-short cord was an issue with the original version. The car-side cord is a HEAVY 22-foot cord with well-attached gun/plug. Very nice.

Any NAME BRAND UL-listed Level 2 charger that draws a minimum of 32 Amps and is well-rated should do the job equally well, as the Niro is limited to 32A draw. The Emporia will do up to 48A but again, the Niro will only draw 32A. Nothing you can do about that except to visit a Level 3 charger somewhere. Home Level 3 chargers (high-voltage DC) are almost unheard of, for 3 reasons: they are large and expensive; typical home electrical service does not deliver the power needed for these; and it's not recommended to use these for regular charging, as it is said to shorten battery life if you do.

And oh, yeah: Hope your load center (electrical panel) is close to where you are locating the charger, because the cabling these days is expensive! My run was about 75 feet. Cost a bit.

The Level 1 charger (120V) that came with my Niro works well, but it takes 4-5 times longer to charge than a Level 2 charger. It's great for weekend trips where you're going, say, 150 miles away, staying a couple of nights, and have a standard 15A outlet to plug into. Might take 25 hours to top off the battery but it does that well. And 10-12 hours would likely give you enough charge to get back home.

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For L2 EVSEs, you have two choices: basic and smart. Most of the basic ones look similar to the EVSE that comes with the car, and usually won't charge higher than 32 amps. Of course, your Niro only charges at up to 32 amps, so that's not an issue. They likely require a dedicated outlet with the correct connector. There's a few basic EVSEs that have a wall mounted box, but not many.

The "smart" EVSEs will connect to your home WiFi and provide real-time charging information, remote control functions, and most will have historical charging info available. The smart EVSEs can be had with higher power levels, which doesn't help your Niro but does possibly future proof yourself for your next car. I installed a JuiceBox Pro 40 when I still drove my Niro PHEV, which only charged at 16 amps, so super overkill. But I liked the online features, and now with my Bolt I can charge at the full 40 amps (of course, my car supports 48 amps, so I didn't future proof high enough! :))

With a smart EVSE, you will most likely find a longer warranty, find it UL rated, it might need to be hard wired, and will absolutely cost more.
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