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I have had this issue on several occasions now and a search of the web has revealed nobody experiencing a similar issue.

I have had my car plugged in and charging and a bp charge point in my local Asda. When I return to the car, and cancel the charge through the UVO app (which I’ve done many times and was confirmed successful),once pressing unlock on the fob, all of the doors unlock, but not the boot. After about 5 seconds, and regardless if any of the other doors are open, the central looking kicks in, retracts the mirrors and locks the doors.

once in the car, the ignition is on, the car is telling me that it’s ready to drive, but the gear is stuck in park and will not move.

I have tried switching off, leaving and locking the car, and getting back in. This dosent change the situation.

This seems to last for about 2 hours, when it randomly resets and allows me to drive away.

Any ideas?
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