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Love this car. But it is trying to die on me. help me save it!

First episode about 3 days after bringing it home. Plugged in to my outdoor 110v socket and set to delay charge. Came back outside to check on her and she wasn’t charging. Tried to turn on, lights flickered, lots of warnings and then she died

finally got it towed after a few failed attempts to jump and charge the 12 v battery. (Don’t park head-in to a low ceiling carport....)

I got it back yesterday after three weeks at the dealer. (Local guys couldn’t hack it, someone had to come out from Kia) “Blown fuse, Kia will send you the details.” Haven’t gotten them yet.

this was yesterday.

Today I’m driving and messing with the scheduled charge setting- just hit the button to turn it off. All of a sudden I’m without any power when I depress the accelerator. Thankfully I was able to pull off the road. Light says to “check electronic engine” (or something like that). So I just turned it off and back on, and she has been fine since.

Is there something screwy with the software? Problem with the schedule charge feature?
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