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2017 Kia Niro EX 4dr SUV (1.6L 4cyl gas/electric hybrid 6AM)

So far no major issues with mine bought in Feb 2017 with 29,230 plus miles as of Aug, 2019. I discuss some annoying issues below in last paragraph.

For INFO -- it is a EX Model, Pearl White, Sunroof Pkg (not that I wanted sunroof, but came with some safety options I did want).

I like handling, steering, safety options that I have (missing some that are available on other models).

MPG remains just over 50MPG for our mostly county roads at 35 to 55 MPH and some city / town driving (30%). Mileage drops in cold weather and on Interstate at speeds of 70MPH to between 43 and 47 MPG.

Comment on Maintenance costs, costs would be high if took it to a dealer for everything NIRO recommends. I change my on oil and probably don't follow all the stuff the NIRO Manual recommends the dealer do.

Comfort is fine except bothers my legs on long trips (say 1 1/2 hours get uncomfortable - I am 80 years old). I like the look, it is nice and roomy for the size it is, interior is OK, entertainment is OK (have had occasions of acting up like comes on by itself and can't get USB Music until remove and reinstall the USB card). I am not a real techie person - but Bluetooth works, and I manage to get thru all the gadgets and displays.

There are some issues I will note: NIRO FORUM discusses some serious issues: stutter or jerky operation (one guy got a new car). poor mpg, displays going crazy, door handles breaking off with plastic parts (door handle recall has been installed now).

I personally have occasional stutter or jerky operation (sometimes enough to be annoying, but not so bad that I am complaining to NIRO) Also, recently I note an annoying noise I don't think I had when new (it is a bit like tire / road noise, but not sure it isn't something else). It is hard to describe a noise, maybe worse in rear seat.
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