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We are in the market for a 2018 and trying to decide between the regular hybrid and the PHEV. There are no PHEV models locally to view (but dealer says they can get one for me if I decide to go that route) so I have a few questions. When reading reviews on the vehicle I am getting mixed answers and cant verify for myself in person so hopefully you guys can help.

1) EV only miles. So it is supposed to go up to 26 miles in EV only mode when charged. My wife drives less than 15 miles per day on a typical day and we could charge each night for around 8cents per kwh which would mean we could potentially almost never use gas. However, some of the reviews I have read online indicate there is no way to keep it in EV only mode and every time you accelerate even a little bit it turns on the gas engine. If this is the case then the upgrade to the PHEV wouldn't make sense. Others have said that you can keep in in EV mode as long as you don't drive like crazy for the full battery charge. So which one is correct?

2) Heat and AC. Again I am reading mixed info on this. I think heat will require the engine to run no matter what correct? Or can it run heat while in EV mode? What about AC?

3) Cargo space. Is the cargo space reduced with the PHEV vs the regular hybrid?

Thanks in advance
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