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Niro Trims / Features / Specs

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Sorry if this is redundant. I found this link on Kia's media site. It has a full list of the specs and features for each trim. The pricing is not posted yet. The Niro EX is probably my target. I also read on one of the recent reviews that they should arrive at the dealers during the first week of January. I can't post this link because I only have one previous post. Maybe someone can help me out. Here's the Kia Media link:]2017]2017 Kia Niro Features & Options[/url] Kia Niro Features & Options
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The EX seems to be the sweet spot. I would still be interested if they keep the price within reason, say $25-$28,000.
The Touring doesn't seem to have anything crazy that you either can't add on at the dealership or aftermarket to get on the EX. Just some lighting upgrades, wheels, and move-able seats.
I'm really getting tired of waiting to see what the prices are going to be. I need a car and I need to know if it's worth waiting for. Sure wish I could see one.
It's already the new year and I was hoping the configuration page would be up by now so we could built our own and see how much everything would cost. I'm hoping for an announcement at the Detroit auto show that started today.
The only thing I can really find on Kia at the NAIAS is all about the Stinger GT. Everyone is talking about it lol. No mentions of the Niro as far as I can see. Anyone come up with anything different yet?
I'm getting angrier by the day and don't even know who to be angry with. The whole world can buy the Niro and Ioniq except North America. What is the problem?
Getting tired hearing about the Stinger and not the Niro. It is a awesome car though, too bad they stuck that Nav unit on top of the dash like an after thought. Just like Mazda, Mercedes and a number of others. What's up with that? Would like to knock it off with a baseball bat. I would already have a Mazda 3 hatch if it wasn't for that.
That's becoming the staple for every automaker now. An iPad stuck to the center of the dashboard, sticking out like a sore thumb.

The Stinger is still the center of attention right now, it's going to be a little wait before it dies down. They tried to build the hype on it quite a bit by releasing something like 4 teasers prior to the show for it.
Early February in Austin

I dropped by the dealer on Wednesday. They said the first Niros are at the port, probably Houston for those of us in Austin. They said processing at the port, shipping, make ready, etc. would make them available by early February. My guess is the big rollout will come during the Super Bowl on February 5th. I really liked the car that was on display and I am willing to wait. I just hope they aren't so proud of them that they sell for less than MSRP.
Anyone hear anything about Kia doing Superbowl commercials ? Usually that news comes to light. I doubt them dropping below MSRP so soon though.. give it a few months.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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