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I traded in my Cadillac SRX AWD that I had been driving for 5 years on a NIRO Touring with the technology package with out having ever driven a Hybrid. The dealer took my trade and gave me a new (12 Miles) Optima Hybrid to drive until they could get me my ordered Niro from Korea. I was very pleased with the performane of the Optima Hybrid and especially the MPG's. At the 400 mile mark the computer was reading 42 mpg (my AWD Cadillac was getting 14.6-15.4). I found the car to be quite comfortable and drove like any other sedan that I had ever driven so I must say my first experiences with a Hybrid were great. I put 880 miles on the clock during the 6+ weeks awaiting the arrival of my new NIRO.

March 28th I picked up the new Niro and have just passed the 400 mile mark and the computer says 46 mpg. Most impressed with the MPG's but also love the smart cruise control as well as the lane departure warning and the cross traffic alert. I would not go back to the Cadillac as this car performs as well and is more fun to drive. The only thing I miss is the push button raising and lowering of the tailgate. At 75 years of age I find it easy in get in and out of and enjoy the visiability from the drivers position. Have not had a chance to enjoy the ventilated seats YET Just wait as I am in Oklahoma.

I could go on and on about this car in comparison to all the other cars I have owned but suffice to say I would recommend the Niro to anyone. When I get 1000 miles on the clock I may post my thoughts vs the Optima vs the Niro and my feeling of sedan vs CUV.
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