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Official Niro Launch for Canada?

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I've been tracking the progress of an incoming shipment of Niro's. My dealer's allotment of 1 vehicle is expected on April 20. He suggests that there will be a Kia Canada Niro launch in mid to late April.
Right now there are spots of inventory here and there throughout my province, BC, but probably no more than 8 or 10 vehicles in the entire province.

I would think that there would be a more substantial inventory build up prior to the launch of a new model!

Anyway, if all goes well and the dealer is amenable to a deal, I will be the first on my block to get one!

Has anyone heard of an official Kia Canada Launch campaign?
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Maybe they do that to test the waters...not every model does well everywhere. I noticed that here too in GA. They started off with having like 2 per dealer if they had any at all. Now, I look at the websites and there's more like 9 in stock. But alas, there seems to be a shortage of Cerulean Blue!
Check out Ed Voyles in Smyrna. Autotrader says he has one in Cerulean Blue.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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