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Took Kia NIRO into Dealer for the SC168 Power Relay Ass'y Recall. Also, to investigate a 'clunking' noise in the rear chassis that I have noticed for at least 1 1/2 years (it has been somewhat intermittent).

BTW for INFO - It is a 2017 EX with the Option bought in FEB 2017 and now has 20,298 miles.

As I said, the 'clunking' noise has been noticed for at least a year and 1/2, but was somewhat intermittent. Generally, when it showed up was when making a curve (even moderate curves) either to the left or right.

Funny thing was if I made a right curve and heard the 'clunk' then another right curve would not produce a 'clunk'. However, if making a curve in one direction (say to right) and next curve was the opposite (say to left) would hear a 'clunk' both times.

I intended to have the 'clunk' checked out when I was at the dealer in Sept 2018 for a reasonable Oil Change compliments of KIA (BTW advertised as like $10, but dealer added some shop charges, and disposal fees, so was more like $19)

The DANG noise quit that day (it has been intermittent). I did ask them to take a look at the chassis -- don't know if they did or not?

It was 'clunking' today when I took it in for the recall. As a matter of fact when I went with the mechanic for a test ride, the 'clunking' was the worst and more frequent that I had ever heard.

They repaired it "Adjusted Sway Bar Mount" (my guess is that means tightened some nuts or bolts).

No 'clunking' on the way home. :)
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