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Redline Review on YouTube

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There is a "Redline Review" on YouTube, I am watching it right now, Sunday morning, about the PHEV - plug in Niro.
He claims Kia sold 30,000 Niros in 2017, more than the Prius. Very positive review, his only complaint
was the relatively harsh engine noise.
One thing I noticed, when he placed the gearshift in Sport mode, a tachometer pops up in the gauge cluster.
This was the PHEV. Can someone tell us if the tachometer also available on the regular Niro? In Sport mode ?
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He claims Kia sold 30,000 Niros in 2017, more than the Prius.
I don't think so! I posted this a couple days ago on the Ioniq forum:

I did a bit of digging and found US sales figures for 2017. Some may find it interesting. I believe the numbers don't show actual desirability/popularity of these cars as there are a number of distortions. Some makers have different sales priorities for different countries, both Hyundai and Kia suffered strikes last year, and there is a shortage of lithium based batteries. Greater availability of other brands perhaps would have cut further into Prius sales.

11,000 Ioniq HEV
20,000 Volt HEV
27,000 Niro HEV
109,000 Prius HEV all models - down 28,000 from 2016

400 Ioniq BEV - California only
1,800 Model 3 BEV
2,100 Soul BEV
3,500 Golf BEV
5,500 Fiat 500 BEV
11,000 Leaf BEV
21,000 Model X BEV
23,000 Bolt BEV
27,000 Model S BEV
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OK, just watched the review, first one I've seen of the PHEV. He didn't actually mention Prius sales, just how well the Niro has done.

Every review I learn something (I've only had my HEV a month). I had no idea the door handles doubled as a cubby - I had to go out and look!

The 7 inch center LCD was far better than the HEV. It showed a trip/ remaining range scale and digits on the same line, and a combined total range. I'm constantly flicking a wheel toggle to see how far I've been on the trip odometer. Kia could easily update the HEV software to do the same, but I don't think they will ever do it. Only Tesla and Apple do that kind of thing on the same model.
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Finally a PHEV review on youtube. Crazy that the car has been on sale since January and it took this long for a reviewer to finally make a video. It's a good review overall.
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