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For owners of Niro PHEV with USAspecifications, Do you have this problem with UVOeco or the newOwners Portal:

Your car IS plugged in and even set upfor scheduled charging and you are able to remotely sync with yourcar from your smart phone app. Then you even get a text notice thatcharge was completed on schedule, BUT after not doing anything withyour car for 2 days you can no longer remotely sync with your car??

The KIA “Help” desk can't contactit either and tells you that it went to sleep to save the battery. They will tell you that over the phone but will not put it in writingin the form of an eMail or otherwise.
Wait What?? The car is plugged in, thepurpose of having it plugged in is to charge the battery on schedulelike once a week.

So, you have someone you trust go toyour garage and “wake up” your car by pressing start (yes theyhave the key). They confirm that the signal strength meter of thebuilt in cel unit shows a strong signal, you confirm remotely thatyou can lock/unlock the doors and see the battery level etc. A fewhours later you reconfirm that, BUT 2 days later again unable tocontact it again.
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