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2019 Kia Niro Hybrid LX
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I was rear ended while sitting at a red light last week. A JEEP Grand Cherokee slammed into the back corner of the passenger side, making it undriveable (hit by an older gentleman who “didn’t see us”). Luckily I have dashcams for the front and back, so it captured everything and the guy admitted he was at fault and was very polite about it.
Insurance still hasn’t gotten back as to whether they’re going to repair or total it, so I thought I could maybe get some opinions here to prep myself. Hurt my heart taking pictures and seeing it get towed away, I spent the first two years of my first real 9-5 job paying it off, named it, vacuumed it every month, washed it regularly…I really really hope it’s repairable! View attachment 8302
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(pushed all the way into the next lane! Good thing there weren’t any other cars there)
I think that even if they do repair it really well, it’s going to have a lot of handling/alignment issues. I would just total it.
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