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Also Demand a second party survey (body shop) of the car before accepting it. I had a truck that was hit from the rear and the frame was bent. The garage just put some Bondo on it and let it go. It tracked like a crab on the street, however they had adjusted the alignment off center to compensate so it felt ok while driving it off the lot. They called me on a Friday to pick it up late (closing time) in the day. The following week I took it back and was told that I must have hit a big hole in the road. The long story short, It took 3 more months and 2 law firms to get the truck totaled and a check for a replacement. The check was prorated at first and I had to get another lawyer involved to get the full value for the truck.

Come to find out that the insurance adjuster and the body shop were greasing each other hands and taking a cut. The insurance adjuster went to jail and the shop had their license revoked, but was was under new ownership the next week and never missed a beet (funny how that works). I would never sign another another paper for accepting a auto that had been repaired again with out a test drive to another shop to inspect the repairs. Or take some one with you that can survey the fix and test drive it with someone following you for a mile or two.
1 - 1 of 63 Posts