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I was rear ended while sitting at a red light last week. A JEEP Grand Cherokee slammed into the back corner of the passenger side, making it undriveable (hit by an older gentleman who “didn’t see us”). Luckily I have dashcams for the front and back, so it captured everything and the guy admitted he was at fault and was very polite about it.
Insurance still hasn’t gotten back as to whether they’re going to repair or total it, so I thought I could maybe get some opinions here to prep myself. Hurt my heart taking pictures and seeing it get towed away, I spent the first two years of my first real 9-5 job paying it off, named it, vacuumed it every month, washed it regularly…I really really hope it’s repairable!
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(pushed all the way into the next lane! Good thing there weren’t any other cars there)
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In the end, they have decided to total it and originally offered me $23.6k before I asked them to redo the valuation for an LX instead of an FE. New valuation is $24.3 and then additional for sales tax and fees. Which is pretty much what I had paid in 2018. Now it’s just a whole bunch paperwork and tackling getting a prorated refund for my extended warranty. And getting a new car.

I dropped off the extra key fob and got to sit inside one last time to grab things before releasing to them. All warm from the sunshine and I ended up crying again because from the front she was still perfect. Good-bye Kiki, you were the best 😭
Probably the best outcome, despite having to say farewell to an old friend. Overall, were you satisfied with the outcome?
Probably the best outcome, despite having to say farewell to an old friend. Overall, were you satisfied with the outcome?
I think I’m pretty satisfied. I was all geared up to duke it out with them over the valuation but they came back with more than I had averaged. And they included additional for the sales and tax and fees without me having to request it. It took a while to get the ball rolling, but their service was polite and helpful. Like FINiro said, timing seems to be in my side since the value of my car was still high but the dealerships I’ve visited are now more stocked and more open to negotiations than they were last year.
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I was pretty certain it would be totaled. It just cost so darn much to repair cars anymore. No doubt KiKi was comfy like an ol' shoe but I'm pretty sure you after a few week weeks of adapting you'll "fall in love" again. At least I hope so! :D
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