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I know I know, its a little thing. But it has drove me crazy since day one of having rear seat passengers. Long story short, it seems that when at least 50-60% of passengers get out of the back of our Niro, the seat belt gets twisted and either wont go all the way up and then gets shut in the door(this happened day 3 of owning the brand new car and resulted in a good size scratch AND dent in the driver rear door jam), or the belt is now flopping in the wind as we are going down the road with the windows down, providing us with a "NICE RYTHMIC THUMPING" sound from the belt buckle itself hitting the interior trim. Granted with the virus issue, we haven't had any rear seat passengers, but I went ahead and did a little test. I purchased something from china a while ago, and installed.

They are a little silicone cover that slips over the plastic buckle. Now for the frustrating part. I thought I ordered black ones to fit seamlessly into the interior, but however the items that arrived are BRIGHT RED, lol. oh well, lesson learned. but they installed in seconds, and I am happy to report that even if the belt itself is twisted around and not laying flat, that even if the wind starts to move the belt buckle the sound is VERY muted and hardly noticed at all.

Just though I would share, if anyone else gets as annoyed with this little quirk as I do.
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