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Greetings All! One of the features I most missed after getting my 2018 NIRO PHEV was the speed sensitive volume. Well, today I was sitting at a long red light and decided to browse the radio settings. There was nothing on the initial screen. However, when I selected the "Advanced" option....viola:nerd:, there it was :). It just wasn't a default setting.

I have had the NIRO for about 6 months and am about to achieve 10K miles. I am beyond pleased with the car, especially the safety features. I know I drive safer with more confidence. I am 10 miles from work where I can charge for free. I have 100% solar at home and also charge for free. All my shopping needs are within 10 miles round trip. I have plateaued at 67MPG combined. The NIRO is the perfect car for me.

Just thought I would share the radio setting in case anyone has missed it.

Wishing a Great Weekend to All...:D
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