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Hi All,

I have a 2018 Niro with 12k miles 9 months old. Yes I drive a lot.

Problem is the steering wheel material is separating around the whole wheel. Looks awful!!! Took it into the dealership - never a great experience.

They are trying to blame it on my wedding ring of course. I said interesting because it separating everywhere my hands don’t go and I have no rings in my right hand, ever, and that side is doing it too. They straight up ignored me. So they sent in photos of only the left side to Kia Motors to advice. They stated is probably will not be covered because it is my ring... which it isn’t.

The car is garaged at all times when it isn’t being driven.

It looks like if you took your nail and dragged it along the material all over. It has all happened in under 3 weeks time.

Anyone else had anything like this happen on theirs? I believe we have the EX model. It is the one step up from base.

Thanks all!


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