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Picked up my new '21 Niro LX in June and have put on about 6800 since then; El Paso to Flagstaff, St. Paul, Carlsbad CA, and bunch of local driving. Totally satisfied (except for some stupid choices with MP3 USB media the Kia engineers had made).

Drove from Carlsbad (CA) to Flagstaff this past weekend and, yesterday evening, the temps dropped to well below 32F--first time for this vehicle--and, when I started up the Niro thereafter (late last night), the TPMS alert showed up on the screen. All four tires' TPMS sensors reported 28psi. Earlier in the day, a JiffyLube had checked my tires and allegedly set them to 35psi. Early this morning (with the TPMS still alerting), I went back to the store and had them check the tires; they were at 30psi (with their gauge and also mine). They pumped the tires up to 36psi (checked on my gauge) but the TPMS was still alerting, with all four TPMS sensors reporting 32psi.

There is no user-accessible way to reset the TPMS system--no button, no menu choice that I could find. But I did find a recommendation that I should drive above 50mph for at least 10 minutes and this would resolve the issue. I got on the Interstate and drove for about 20 minutes at 65-75mph. The entire time, the system showed the right-rear TPMS sensor as the culprit (blinking a red light by that tire on the dashboard) with the main TPMS alert (the tire with the ! inside) lit, as well. I'll note the psi readings for all the tires increased slightly as the tires warmed up (expected behavior). All TPMS sensors were now reporting 32/33psi.

When I got home and powered off the Niro, removed the key, opened the door, closed it, and started it up again, the TPMS alert was gone and all four TPMS sensors seemed to be happy. My son-in-law says that he sees the same TPMS shenanigans when the winter weather sets in here in Flagstaff but rectifies itself after a short period.

I am wondering whether the TPMS sensors are all okay and both gauges that indicated 36psi were off by 4psi, or if it's more likely that I have a batch of wonky TPMS sensors. I'll head over to the local Discount Tire store and have them check the tires with their gauges.

I am, however, quite pleased that the dashboard display has a screen that permits me to monitor the tire pressure while driving; that should allow me to recognize when a tire may have a slow leak before it becomes a critical issue.
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