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Hi.. driving my '23 HEV now for a month and gave up calling the dealer and asking over and over again if they received the trunk liner or privacy screens/cargo cover.

Tried to be smart and ordered one at which happens to be a KIA Dealer near L.A. (Kirby Kia in Ventura/CA)

Hello ,
The following items have shipped via FedEx. Your tracking number(s):
Part NumberPart NamePriceQuantityTotalATF12-AU400Cargo Mat$103.551$103.55

Subtotal: $103.55Estimated Shipping to via Standard Shipping: $31.68Total: $135.23

Not intending to be surprised I called before placing the order if this item will fit the '23 Niro and I was assured it is a perfect match.. as well...on their website they claim it's a perfect fit for the '23 Niro

It arrived and I ended up with this:

clearly... it was no match... and after a lengthy process with the dealer I received my funds back (took three weeks and paypal involvement). Since they STILL TO THIS DATE have it listed as a fit for the '23 model I tend to believe it may be some sort of scam as other sources talk about dealer asking for restocking fees and such.
The mat as well... had a date on it from '23 on the sticker... while on the inside there was a revision date of 2020; I am wondering... coincidence ???... or scam ???

Well... looking for options... the closest option was opening the trunk of my 2009 Tiguan.. and I was surprised that my very well manufactured Monster mat was also a perfect match for the Niro

See below:

Also the cargo net from the Tiguan fit perfectly... so I ordered one more... for a Passat.. part number 3C5 065 110 for those who are interested.. but there are many of which that fit... also from a JETTA. There are quite a few offers on Ebay for $20 or less BRAND NEW... so if you want a quality item and do not want to wait for KIA to send some over from Korea... also do not want to spend a fortune... pick one of those...

As for the trunk mat... I still wanted a Niro one... So I went ahead and ordered one in the UK...

for those who are interested I will share dealer; experience and pictures below:

DEALER: Glyn Hopkins Glyn Hopkin Parts & Accessories Shop | Genuine Car & Van Parts

Kia Niro (SG2) HEV, PHEV, EV - Trunk Liner × 1


£93.61 GBP

order came out even cheaper than anybody in the US will ask for...
Shipping was quick considering international shipment. Shipped DHL Express (ordered 3/7 and received 3/14)

Overall I am happy about the product.. though not all was perfect...item was rolled up around a triangular carton... probably for cheaper shipping... an area in the middle creased up

see pic below:

Also one tiny tear... which I took care of carving a teeny tiny bit out with a very sharp knife so it will not continue...
The crease is not noticeable when put in the trunk.

The quality is far inferior to the Gorilla Gear VW mat... which is a lot thicker... also like the carpeted top with rubber backing... so it looks nice AND is spill proof...

but if you're a nut like me you'd still want to see the cool Niro logo on the mat... so you may want this one...

As for the cargo cover / privacy screen... have not found a domestic.. nor international solution...

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Indeed it does. The mat has a tie-down cutout in each of the four corners, including the one nearest the battery. On the near right, imagine if that cut-out wasn't there. It'd exactly fit the contour in your photo, and does match the full width past the cutout and back. At first glance the mat looks a little strange because of those cutouts for each of the tie-down points, combined with the asymmetry of everything in the near right corner scooted several inches to the left.

FWIW my '21 has the same shape, just without as much of a subjective bulge from the battery enclosure. Different overall dimensions too of course - I'm pretty sure smaller.
now the mystery is solved what they sent me... the reply makes sense when I looked at your trunk again... On the PHEV the cargo hooks are on the cargo board and now the sides...

I actually like the OEM fitted rubber mat with the lip going higher.. also high around the cargo hooks...

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D-W-S, great info and pics. Many thanks for posting them up. From the pics it looks like you have the two level trunk board option. It also looks like you lose the functionality of the lower level with this "correct" cargo tray, is this correct?
The Gorilla mat for your VW, is this a close enough match that perhaps a WeatherTech mat for the VW might be an option for us? Or do you think it is just enough different to maybe cause problems. And, of course, those of us with the two level trunk board would lose that option...
correct... I do have the two level board; and would never use the lower level (or be able to) as I decided immediately after buying the Niro to replace the tire mobility kit with a proper spare tire and bought an OEM KIA scissor jack. I do travel long distance and I am a big fan of changing to a spare if needed rather than relying on some shaving cream to be blown into the tire.

As for the VW gorilla mat.. I have no idea if the Weathertech mat for the Tiguan would fit... but they are making one that should come out soon... They do have a space-holder on their website already stamped "coming soon" for the cargo mat... I did buy the Weathertech front row floor mats... it still is Winter in Chicago... so I did not want to ruin the carpeted mats... while the Weathertech mats do a good job keeping the snow/water & salt of the carpet I was not much impressed about the quality... there are much better built ones out there. the plastic for my taste is very thin/flimsy, very hard and not very flexible so I felt no need to wait for their epiphany of a trunk mat... I am playing with the idea for summer to get a new VW gorilla mat for my '23 Niro HEV... The Tiguan is from idea if they even still sell those since I think that model year ended 2014('ish)...
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