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Hello everybody,
I create this post to relate my 2 weekends experiences with my new Niro.

First weekend, we went to the Sequoia National Park (to Potwisha for people who know).
I used the HEV mode from my home along I198 and then switched to EV just past the Kaweah lake.
Therefore, I got 13 miles to go to Potwisha. I was very pleased with the reactivity of Niro in the foothills road, smooth and dynamic in total EV mode (no gas engine needed).
I arrived at Potwisha with 9 miles EV remaining, which corresponds to the 24-13 plus uphill I was expecting.
On the way back, I staid in EV mode, and was happily surprised that I gained 3 miles downhill to Three Rivers, which gave me enough to reach the Kaweah Lake in EV mode.
Conclusion, full EV from Kaweah Lake to Potwisha and way back :) without sacrificing the mountain active driving.

Second weekend, we went to Dublin CA, this time long range and Hybrid performance in the scope (210 miles way + 210 miles way back mainly on I-5).
The 1st half of the drive to Dublin, I drove at 74mph (ok I was a bit over the speed limit), and then my wife took relay and drove 70mph (speed limit :) ), final performance for this way was around 47.3mpg. Exactly at the spec :)
The drive back from Dublin, I applied the same rule as my wife : strict speed limit :) Therefore we did it at 70mph. Final performance for the way back 53mpg! well above specs.
As we did way and way back with the same load (both of us), same tires condition (24hrs difference), same road condition (I-5 with medium traffic), same weather and light to no wind, I'm considering that 4mph is the main difference. Therefore, I'm saying that 4mph over the speed limit does not worth the loss in performance (and security of course).

What I discovered (and loved) during this highway experience is that Smart Cruise Control is a gift!
I activated it entering the highway and removed it only exiting the highway.
It adapts speed with the traffic, I just kept my feet close to break in case of emergency, but never had to use it.
On top of that I learned that: when you are at a lower speed than programmed behind a car or truck waiting for availability to pass, as soon as you put your turn signal the car shift down automatically ready to jump back to your nominal speed. That is an amazing smart reaction from the car that lets you insert peacefully in the left car's lane!

I also realized that switching HEV-EV during your trip also becomes a strategic game ;) trying to keep most EV for city and Parks :)

Christophe, happy owner of a Niro PHEV!

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I drove from LA to Tucson going mostly 75 in CA and 80 in AZ (5 miles above speed limit) and got 44 mpg. Worth the drop in MPG to save an hour of drive time on the 7.5 hour trip for me.
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