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Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS) Reverse Chime is too loud

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I don't mind the normal VESS noise, but the reverse chime (gong) is so much louder. I don't believe my system is abnormally loud (I think all Niro's are this loud, but haven't confirmed), but it disturbs my neighbors when I leave/arrive for my night shifts. I'd hate to disable the whole speaker. Any suggestions? The dealer said there is no volume adjustment.
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Thanks for the research and information
I think Kia misunderstood the specs, because literally no one else has that loud a reverse sound
The dealer we bought our 2020 HEV from backed the car into the parking space before annd after I test drove it. I never engaged reverse during the test drive. They knew we might be put off by the volume. I've learned to ignore it for the most part. In addition, I have a neighbor that I wish would move. Any opportunity to aggravate them is a bonus.
141 - 142 of 142 Posts