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Call it the geek side of me, but I wonder what OS is used for the info/entertainment console inside the Niro. When Ford released the Edge with the Sync system written by Microsoft, it was promised that developers could write apps for the sync system. I don't think it ever happened, or not at least in Canada. That has me wondering if Kia has any form of an open development program for the info/entertainment console.

I would like to write an app that would track and save the trips to give me a better tracking of distance, time, average speed and average fuel economy. It would be great to also get %time engine was running and thus %time in EV mode. All this is likely data that is accessible to the system as it is displayed on the screen inside the car. just not in any one spot and doesn't have a history storage option. As the system has a built-in storage where you can actually save music to, i would assume that this could be used to save 3rd party apps and have space for data to be stored for those apps.

I am quite new to this car so I don't know if anyone has heard of anything or know where to inquire about the possibility.
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